Flagship Salon

“Birnbaum & Bullock have managed to develop a unique oasis where a bride can take with her an unforgettable experience, not just a purchase.”
Birnbaum & Bullock’s sleek and modern salon offers a comfortable and serene atmosphere where brides can feel at ease without the pressure and attitude of other New York salons. Enjoy the one on one attention designers Robert Bullock and Steven Birnbaum give, while seeing your custom wedding gown come to life. Birnbaum & Bullock will guide you through a series of fittings instead of making your gown in a size and trying to alter it to fit. “Every bride has specific needs and deserves to feel special throughout this entire process,” says Steven Birnbaum. “This is an experience she will carry with her for a lifetime.”
Click here to book an appointment at Birnbaum & Bullock’s flagship salon.
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